About Us

Staff and Leadership

Andy Lovelace

Lead Pastor

Andy has been Lead Pastor at New Horizons since June of 2014. He is a graduate of LIFE Pacific College and Colorado Christian University. Prior to coming to New Horizons, he and his wife Geri lived in Kansas City. Together, they have been in ministry over 25 years and have three children: Austin, Ethan, and Mae.

Geri Lovelace

Associate Pastor

Student Ministries

Geri joined the New Horizons staff in January of 2016, providing leadership to our Student Ministries. She is a graduate of LIFE Pacific College, Azusa Pacific University, and MidAmerica Nazarene University. Along with her leadership roles at New Horizons, Geri is an education consultant and mom to three children: Austin, Ethan, and Mae.

Bob Litsheim

Associate Pastor

Prayer & Counsel

Bob serves as the leader of our prayer ministry and spiritual enrichment. Along with his wife Laura, they provide spiritual counsel to individuals and couples at New Horizons. Along with ministry, Bob is a longtime resident of the Grand Valley and enjoys time with his grown children and grandchildren.

Carolyn Nenne

Associate Pastor

Worship Arts

Carolyn leads our Worship Arts ministry at New Horizons. She is a graduate of Northern Arizona University. She and her husband, Chris, lead Resonate, a ministry for young adults. Along with being married to Chris, she is a mother to three children.

Edna Schmidt

Administrative Assistant


Hannah Wilson

Administrative Assistant

Christine Andrzejczak

Student Ministries

Curriculum Coordinator

Julie Brown

Student Ministries

Volunteer Coordinator


Our Mission is to:

Restore Relationship With God And Others – Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.” We make restoring relationship to God central to our mission. Likewise, it is a priority that we work at restoring our relationship with others because it is closely linked to our relationship with God.

Renew Spiritual Vitality – For many people, their spiritual life is an add-on to a life already filled with other priorities and responsibilities. Jesus said that He came to bring us “abundant” or “over-flowing” life. Our mission is to be renewed daily in the Holy Spirit, then allow that renewal to create an overflow and abundance into the lives of those we encounter.

Rebuild Lives In The Image Of Jesus Christ –  Every day there are messages being impressed upon us by the culture we live in. Those messages tell us to make a name for ourselves and build an identity in the world. Our mission is to be counter-cultural and allow God to rebuild our lives in the likeness of Christ, taking on His image and identity.


Love Boldly
Show Mercy
Seek Justice
Be Redemptive
Walk Humbly
Confess Openly
Repent Completely
Forgive Graciously
Follow Passionately
Worship Extravagantly
Learn Continually
Live Courageously



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